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For over 24 years, PCE Texas has provided our customers the Electrical Design Automation or EDA tools and Engineering experience to enable the most efficient design of electronics. For detailed information on CADSTAR, on custom translators, on our other  software products, or on our design consulting services please utilize each of the links at left and contact us when you want to discuss how we can be of service to you or to your team of PCB designers as you make your product a reality.                                                                                                    


CADSTAR Touch phone application App announced by CADSTAR.  See Full Press Release.  Read more about it in our own newsletter.

CADSTAR V 15 Professional Grade Software for as little as $1880 initial cost! (Schematic entry, layout and autorouting limited data size). Schematic entry and limited layout gets you started with all our full  featured tools.  BUY Now  This is the same  tool set with both manual and Automatic Place and Route, included free migration of your old schematic, layout, and library design from PCAD, ORCAD, PADS or use our symbol creation wizards and online 250,000 part library. Add later our easy  to learn multipass Autorouters, 3D DRC and Signal Integrity Options  And Best of All, Super Support from us..   

At PCE we encourage your calls by phone or by Skype at any time you are puzzled about your PCB design or fabrication process.  Phone 972-985-1577 weekdays from 9 to 6. 

Our headlines: CADSTAR can now be controlled from you smart phone or Android PAD device!  Read More about this industry first !    In addition, we are pleased to announce we are now new distributor for two new products recently created to enhance your CADSTAR experience.The first is is new CADSTAR translator from PCBLibraries.  Yes, Tom and Nic are back in business with PCBLibraries and along with a host of new features and new catalog of parts data, they now offer translator to CADSTAR as well as most other EDA tools! And you will likely be suprised to know, the latest version includes 3D models of the parts.   The second new product is a Gerber Import Utility for CADSTAR.  The long sought after QGERB tool reads RS274X Gerber back into a PCB database to assist in recovering old designs regardless of which original tool was used  If you would like to know more about either tool, just drop me a note.

CADSTAR BETA 16 Testing SignUps Announced.  Now is the time to sign in to signify you wish to be a CADSTAR 16 Beta Tester.  Winter will be here before we know it and thus the time to qualify as a Beta tester is running out.

CADSTAR 15 Media Release is Here, Call me about how to get your new disk   In other news, PCE Texas is pleased to offer the newest BeagleBone Cape for dual channel real time stepper motor control.  From our download page you may download the complete design package in CADSTAR 15 data format.  By contacting us on the contact page you can buy the completed and tested board ready to use.   Design package includes schematic, pcb, 3D model, all gerbers, drill, and BOM.  PCE is pleased to participate in the Texas Instruments Beagle program and fully supports the board with firmware and drivers.  This is just another example of how CADSTAR can be used to produce products cost effectively.  To view the files, simply download our CADSTAR Viewer, it is free of course. Also act now to get your on CADSTAR Viewer or Evaluation Copy.


Shown at left is a 120 channel sonar data processor on a single board to reduce cost and improve medical imaging technology.  It was all designed in CADSTAR including using CADSTAR 3D to create the mechanical housing to mount it under water!  Let us tell you how the CADSTAR features contributed to this design. 

 You  have likely read about the TI OMAP Project, which is  called the  BeagleBoard ,a single board computer with an amazing number of features.  You can read the details at www.beagleboard.org  Only on our download page can you find the complete schematic and PCB Layout in CADSTAR format.  As an additional bonus, we have on our download page the complete design for a 7 inch LCD touch screen interface to use with your Beagleboard.  Download both designs and you are well on your way to a complete design for a very versitle touch screen control panel for your next project! and can even buy one already assembled and tested at our own experienced assembly facility at www.Digi-key.com.

                                                       We are looking forward to hearing from you.

To request additional  downloads, call us at 972-985-1577 and by E-mail using the Request button.

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