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..Include Training, Translation, Contract Design Services, and Engineering Consulting in all areas of Product Design, PCB Design, Fabrication, and Assembly.

Software Integration Experience: Prior to becoming the CADSTAR Value Added Reseller in the South, we have, over the past 23 years been associated with Autocad, Accel, Altium, PCAD, Veribest, Mentor, Viewlogic, Router Solutions and CADAM, CAM350,SPICE, COSMOS, PSpice, Orcad. For each of those companies, we were the authorized training center and reseller. We therefore have both experience and contacts to provide you with any needed design, translation or training services for any modern CAD database format. If you have a CAD, CAM, or CAE problem. Call us, if we can not help we will be the first to tell you. 972-985-1577

CADSTAR Customers:  With this experience, we will write your custom report generator at no charge or your custom data translator quickly accurately and economically.  Call for Details.

Engineering Consulting Experience: Our Engineering Staff encompasses 97 man years of real product development experience. From high level systems analysis to project management to consumer products design and manufacturing to embedded systems design and even to government agengy and military products. Today, we accept from government, academics and industry, four or five new projects each year to turn client dreams and ideas into reality.  Some of our recent projects have included Nuclear Monitoring, BioMedical Imaging,  Medical Patient and Asset tracking Devices, RF controls for live entertainment venues, and RF equipment for highway safety devices.  Lately we seem to have a plethora of projects involving Software Defined low power spread spectrum Radios.  If you have an idea for a prodcuct which you would like to have turned into reality, contact us.

Service needs are by their very nature custom needs so you are encouraged to telephone us to request special pricing or to discuss your specific needs if you have an idea at any stage toward the goal of harware realization.

Training Classes: Our staff has taught college engineering classes, written college textbooks, and prepared industrial training programs for a wide variety of classes. VHDL, Spice, Signal Integrity, Design Entry, Library Management, PCB Layout, Autorouting, Solid Modelling, and Embedded Systems are topics within our experience bounds.

Repair and Field Installation: We are pleased to recommend our business partner, Avey µTech Service, LLC to any clients who have needs for Wireless Remote Control Installation or Repair.  With over 20 years of experience, this Veteran owned company can insure your wireless equipment is installed and maintained properily. 

Web Training:  We will also schedule a Web Training Class when requested to help you understand any aspect of PCB design or use of our products.

PCE Texas 972.985.1577 or 800.755.6628

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