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Living Comfortably in the 21st Century

You have seen them in the local bars or restaurants, you recognize them easily by the faint glow on their faces from the smart phone LCD or OLED screens.  They are inviting friends to join them, checking on the latest news of what ever kind and staying in touch.   They are the early adapters of modern technology which keeps our modern electronics design industry afloat.  You may even be one of them.  You are, if you no longer have a land line at home, no longer take the paper newspaper, and in general now do all your banking and bill paying by way of those marvelous bundles of high-tech which we call a smart phone.

I have some valuable news for some of you in this newsletter.  Did you know that cell phone can now not only read your personal email sent directly to it,  but it can link to your office computer so you can read your business email on the desk computer back in your office?  In fact it can link to many if not all  of your desktop applications.  Yes, there are issues of security and screen size and issues of touch controls for a mouse driven desktop but even here there is progress being made at a faster rate than you might imagine.

So the first step is linking to your desktop.  Microsoft has included Remote Desktop Protocol for some years now but you will be amazed at how fast the technology has accelerated and been ported to other operating systems such as used by your smart phones.   A simple internet search will quickly lead  you to a cornucopia of free and or inexpensive programs capable of allowing your smart phone to view you desktop from across the hall or across the nation. ( of course the good news and bad news of working for a big company is that it comes with an IT department who will want to help or assist you in any remote login software installations.)  But let us assume  you are in charge of your own IT configuration and your first task will be to choose from the many offerings.  Your priorities will be different than mine, but I chose the wrong one first with many features and a big price tag for business use.   It was easy to install but cost more than a new laptop to use for business.  My second choice was a 99 cent Google application, but was much more difficult to install and configure.  I will bring you up to speed on the results after I have tried a few and determined which is best for our types of operations.  All of them, however share one common shortcoming, getting mouse commands to your computer from a phone or pad touch screen.

Enter the guys from CADSTAR, who  have just introduced a touch to mouse command user interface which works with CADSTAR and most of your other desktop tools.  It even features voice commands and the ability to run macros!  Watch this space and we will tell you how to download, install and configure CADSTAR’s new product.