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If you want to try it free first, see the first link to download our learning system - CADSTAR Express - which allows full edit of designs up to 300 pins.  Once you know the tool, you can get a free 30 day unlimited evaluation copy by request using the same email form on page 8.  Links to Download Useful Stuff are available when you register,....  Simply tell us which you want by filling in the form on the last page and we will email same to you by return mail.

PCE Texas Downloads offered for your Utility, Convenience and Education.

Thank you for taking the time to register for access to this page, most items for download are self explanatory, but call or email us if you have any issues with any items.

  1. CADSTAR Express (Free) pin limit EDA CAD System with training files.
  2. CADSTAR E3 Logic Schematic and Wire Harness Tools Brochure
  3. CADSTAR Schematic Brochure
  4. CADSTAR Placement Planner Brochure
  5. CADSTAR Library 20,000 Part Current (note:Plus 325,000 available online)
  6. CADSTAR PCB Design System Brochure
  7. CADSTAR Design Migration from other Tools Brochure
  8. CADSTAR Bundles Features Explained
  9. CADSTAR Router XR Brochure
  10. CADSTAR Router Features Explained (Matrix)
  11. CADSTAR Rules by Area Brochure
  12. CADSTAR Constraint Browser Brochure
  13. CADSTAR Dragon Router Brochure
  14. CADSTAR Signal Integrity Brochure
  15. CADSTAR Power Integrity Brochure
  16. CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite (3D) Brochure
  17. CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite (3D) Latest Release Notes
  18. CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite (3D) Installation Guide
  19. CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite (3D) Tutorial
  20. CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite (3D) Tutorial Data Files
  21. CADSTAR Import of non CADSTAR Schematic, PCB and Library Data
  22. CADSTAR Cable Harness Design Tools E.3 Logic
  23. CADSTAR FPGA Design Tool Brochure
  24. CADSTAR FPGA Design Tool Tutorial
  25. CADSTAR Variant Manager Brochure
  26. CADSTAR Rules by Area Brochure
  27. CADSTAR Constraint Browser Brochure.
  28. CADSTAR EMC Adviser Brochure
  29. CADSTAR EMC Adviser Results Discussion
  30. CADSTAR Installation Guide
  31. CADSTAR Network License Server with install guide
  32. CADSTAR Standalone Schematic Editor Brochure
  33. CADSTAR Placement Planner Brochure
  34. CADSTAR LITE More Information
  35. CADSTAR Free Viewer, Printer, Plotter, Query Tool Unlimited Data Size.
  36. PCB Library Expert evaluation system
  37. PCE Texas M2M secure 2.4 GHz RF Module Data Sheet
  38. Discontinued Item
  39. Request 30 Day Unlimited Software Evaluation.
  40. Discontinued Item
  41. Discontinued Item
  42. PCE Texas Beagle Bone Dual Stepper Cape CADSTAR Schematic
  43. PCE Texas Free Capacitor Library
  44. PCE Texas TI SimpleLink CADSTAR Hardware Files
  45. PCE Texas Design Template 5milLine 5milSpace 12mil Drill
  46. PCE Texas Design Template 7milLine 7milSpace 12mil Drill
  47. PCE Texas Design Template 7milLine 7milSpace 15mil Drill
  48. PCE Texas Design Template 3milLine 3milSpace 10mil Drill
  49. PCE Texas Design Template 5milLine 5milSpace 10mil Drill


 CDB 06162016