We offer software from:

  • Zuken USA (CADSTAR), a highly integrated electronic CAD suite including  Sch, PCB, Library, Routing, Signal Integrity, 3D, FPGA, Constraint Manager and more

  • PCB Libraries, for automating IPC STD footprints and 3D models for  every kind of ECAD

  • Artwork Conversion Software, Viewers and translators for Gerber, DXF, GDSII, and ODB++ and more

  • GstarCAD MCAD tools for fab drawings and mechanical CAD editing .DWG and DXF as well as creating bar codes and QR Codes

  • finally our own custom programming, engineering design, signal integrity analysis, EMC consulting, and layout services.

Please phone us or write to us to ask for  a  Free Web Demo on any of these products!

PCE Texas offers Custom Translator writing including but not limited to:

Orcad Test Point insertion program.

CADSTAR to Technomatix flying Probe translator

Gerber to CADSTAR translator

Raster to CADSTAR translator

as well as  multiple software product options for electronic engineers and PCB designers. 

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CADSTAR EDA Software offers Schematic Entry and PCB Layout with Autorouter features such as Constraint and Variant Management.  Shapebased Gridless Autorouting including the 2013 Dragon Autorouter gets the job done and is backed by the most extensive Part Library anywhere. We are also proud to offer our industry the absolute lowest cost professional level tools with prices from $1,000 to $15,000 for the best match to your specific needs.  Please see also the detailed description on the CADSTAR page.

See Quickly how CADSTAR works efficiently by way of our "YouTube Cinema!"

Or if you already know CADSTAR then take time to learn about our High Speed Router Technology

BoardModeler Lite (BML) provides a powerful design environment to bridge the gap between electronic (ECAD) and mechanical (MCAD) design. BML is a tool for use by the PCB designer, to combine the two-dimensional (2D) board design data and the three-dimensional (3D) mechanical design data in a single environment. It also allows for easy creation by wizard realistic 3D models and for rapid and accurate exchange of data between the electronic and mechanical domains.  See BML Movie

BoardModeler Lite addresses the following main functional areas:

BML provides the functionality to import the 2D PCB design data and 3D mechanical design data and to combine it in a single environment. It is able to display realistic 3D models to represent all aspects of the design, such as the board outline, PCB layers, electronic parts mounted on the board and a mechanical case or chassis. This is all presented in a single window and allows the user to view the data in 3D, from any required viewpoint.

3D Representations for Electrical and Mechanical Parts created automatically using our internal rapid and accurate Wizards or by using the industry standard PCB Library Expert. 

BML provides the features to check a design (either ‘on-line’ or in batch) for collisions between components mounted on the board and between the components and board ahape and any enclosing mechanical constraint (e.g. a case or chassis). It is also possible to measure sizes of design objects and measure the clearances between them.  Clearance and Collision Checking BML allows changes made to the component placement in the 3D environment to be passed back to the 2D PCB design.  This also covers the ability to pass initial board outline shape, critical component placement and keep-out or height limitation areas, supplied by the MCAD department, into the 2D CADSTAR PCB design.Back-annotation of Design Changes from 3D to 2D BML Imports and Exports CADSTAR ECAD data files to /from IDF, ACIS, STEP. BML Training Movies are available also  ask us about it and see the items on our download page.

CADSTAR Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Tools are in a class by themselves  finally allowing you to see the effects  on waveform timing of moving a trace or via using our Real Plane integrated SI and Routing Tool Suite.  Check out how easy this can be in our "cinema viewing space". CADSTAR Translators allow you to bring into CADSTAR any other CAD data schematic, layout or library. See details.

Library Tools for EDA Designers across industry standards have finally arrived.  See how our Wizards create IPC Standard footprints from tabular input and check out our online 255,000 part library.

If you wish to discuss your particular needs, you may contact us to request a quote. 972-985-1577 call 9:00-5:00 CST

Artwork Conversion Software Translators

See Demonstration Movies on how to translate complex CAD output files to other system formats.


GstarCAD is a cost effective way to edit and create .dwg and .dxf mechanical CAD drawings. Prices range from only $210 to $580 and yet the features compete with the more famous software costing $3700 to $4500.  More than just another MCAD package, this is the full featured, high quality, innovative software for which you have been looking.  It exports ACIS, WFM, EPS, PS and more.  Try it  for yourself to believe the value.   And remember it is also available for your Mobile Device.

GstarCAD 2015 New Features       Download Free Demonstration copy


GstarCAD 2015 new features are meant to work simple and flawlessly when creating documentation, detailing, or even sharing drawing data to accomplish your design. Three important drafting solutions combined with a collaborative capability and innovative features is what this version offers to any CAD user.

-Drafting workflow solutions are referring to programming customization (.Net framework), drawing management (Sheet Set Manager) and file connectivity through (PDF Underlay).


-Collaborative capability is ensured with cloud storage support. It helps design, engineering, and project team work together efficiently on a centralized platform. View and share data in the cloud using desktop and mobile devices now is possible at the official release of GstarCAD 2015.


-Innovative features like Barcode & QR Code will impact the way to storage and trace relevant drawing data in the CAD industry.

Moreover this version not only provides additional enhancements on daily used commands as well as a new theme interface and customization but also users have choice to select the new 64-bit operating system available. Read the brief overview of these new features bellow:

Sheet Set Manager

Managing large sets of drawings manually can be complicated and time consuming. In GstarCAD the Sheet Set Manager allows you to manage the entire project drawing sheet sets. It can manage all the work flow from sheets creation, printing and publishing.etc.


PDF Underlay

If you receive project drawings in the form of a PDF file, you can reuse that PDF data in your own GstarCAD drawing files. For example, imagine that you are a product designer and you receive a PDF file for this electronic project. This particular sheet includes a mounting holes and connector positions that you want to use as starting point for your PCB design.  Attaching a PDF as underlay In GstarCAD you can attach a PDF file as an underlay to your drawing. Access to PDF Underlay at Insert tab on the ribbon or type> PDFATTACH command.  If the PDF includes multiple sheets, you simply choose the appropriate one during the attach operation. You can define some parameters like insertion, rotation and scale point before attaching the PDF. You can use the underlay as a reference background after it is attached.  You can then define your board outline and placement reference points over the PDF and export to DXF for you layout tool.

.Net Framework Support


.NET API has been added in GstarCAD 2015 which enables you to manipulate the application and drawing files programmatically with libraries that are exposed and can be accessed by many different programming languages such as VB.NET、C# and Managed C++.etc. Users are able to automate tasks such as creating and modifying objects stored in the database of a drawing file or change the contents of a customization file.

Cloud Storage


Collaborative capability between different fields like design, engineering, and project team work together efficiently thanks to cloud storage supported in this version. With cloud storage, you can synchronize your drawing files and custom settings.  After you register a cloud account, you can view and share data in the cloud. Users can upload or download drawings from cloud or even create a category to implement drawing synchronous viewing just using desktop and mobile device or tablet PC to operate.

Barcode & QR Code


GstarCAD 2017 provides two innovative features Barcode & QR Code, which will impact the way of storage, trace and share relevant drawing data in the CAD industry. Barcode & QR Code can be inserted to the drawings, accomplishing identification and correspondence between paper and electronic drawings.

Barcode is a printed series of parallel bars or lines of varying width that is used for entering data into a computer system. The bars are typically black on a white background, and their width and quantity vary according to application. The bars are used to represent the binary digits 0 and 1, sequences of which in turn can represent numbers from 0 to 9 and be processed by a digital computer.

Bar coding was introduced in the 1970s and is now a ubiquitous part of routine commercial transactions. Your PCB designs will benefit from bar code identification and your assembly house will appreciate the ability to manage error free the pcb data.

The chief advantage of bar code systems is that they allow users to process detailed information at the moment the barcode is scanned, rather than simply storing information for later processing.


Barcode technology has been widely used in a variety of industries. In some design companies, barcode has also been used in drawing management system, mainly used to corresponding paper documents and electronic drawing file, just by scanning the bar code in the paper drawing to identify quickly the corresponding part in electronic drawing file.

A QR code (quick response code) is a type of bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a mobile device like smartphone or tablet.Comparing with barcode, QR Code can storage more information and is widely applied in many fields, for example; product anti-fake, advertising push, web links, data download, commodity transaction, Positioning/navigation, electronic documents, business card exchange, etc.Take advantage of QR Code in GstarCAD 2015 to make text and block attributes from your drawing scannable using any mobile phone or tablet with a camera. All you need is one of many available QR code reader applications for your device.






Exact prices are shown below for all versions which can be purchased online by using the PAYPAL button in the upper right corner of this page.  At checkout you have the ability to enter part number and price of your selection.

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PCB Libraries now provides not only the editor to quickly create IPC-7351B standard footprints for CADSTAR (and most other tools) but now also provides a matching STEP 3D models for the same part.

These are just  a small sample of PCBL 3D capability!   Download 2D/3D Evaluation Copy Here                

Those of you using PCB Libraries along with CADSTAR's BML 3D modeling tools will appreciate the ability to see the IC pins in 3D detail for that new QFP laying directly on top of your pads with correct margins for possible placement and dimension errors.  While PCB libraries has contacted manufacturers and provides a great number of standard part dimensions in their catalog ready for your use, the tool allows you to modify dimensions to the specific published specifications of your selected vendor. Moreover the tool allows you to adjust the drafting styles ,fonts, layers, and other details to your own particular standards.  Free training and excellent  support make this a tool you will begin using immediately to realize neater and more consistent work and to eliminate the number one cause of PCB Fabrication Waste. Prices begin at only $499 but we recommend you call us for a specific quote to your own special needs. 

Exact prices are shown below for all CADSTAR versions which can be purchased online by using the PAYPAL button in the upper right corner of this page.  At checkout you have the ability to enter part number and price of your selection.  If you would like PCB Libraries interfaced to another brand of ECAD software (all are available) just phone us at 800-755-6628

Nodelocked CADSTAR version of Footprint designer PN FXCAS   $1099.00

Network  CADSTAR version of Footprint designer PN FXCAN   $1649.00

No tax or delivery charges are added so plan to mail us your manufacturing tooling exemption request. 


Again, if you want to try before you buy, then know that on your request you will be sent a 30 day evaluation copy.  Just contact us when you are ready.


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